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Siung Sport

Siung-Sport is an amazing achievement that is integrated with somatosensory devices and sports. This Siung-Sport system can support fully visual enjoyment by VR games, fitness oriented data collection by IoTs and diagrammatic data analysis from cloud platform to communicate information between people clearly and efficiently. It leads everyone to play a kind of new fantastic, healthy, and multiple exercises.

After these interesting exercises, Siung-Sport system can give you the professionally personal indexes: body and sport indexes. Not only you can exercise without boring, but get happy and healthy.

In the feature, Siung-Sport would appear in more schools, families, and companies; it can make fitness never be a slogan again.

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Siung-Sport System

  • The systematic sport management, Siung-Sport system, has perfect combination of sport equipment with VR game/VR 360 video.
  • You not only can be filled of lovely fragrance of summer blooms, but also feel wind on your face when riding the flywheel on the way.
  • After interesting Exercise, Siung-Sport system can give you the professionally personal body index and sport index when you want to stay in great body shape.
  • The technology of Siung-Sport system includes: smart box & service platform.
  • The purpose of Siung-Sport is to take your resume of personal sport anywhere.

Siung-Sport PlatformResume 1 Resume 2

  • The Siung-Sport Platform can take information (ex: heart rate, pace, and etc.) during exercise.
  • All information of exercise analyze by indexes (ex: Body-Index, Sport-Index) and present it on the visualization web page, that can provide for the coach and let the independent trainers quickly adjust training content.
  • Share your Fitness Reports on Facebook.

Siung-Sport win "the 2021 Global ICT Excellence Award (WITSA)" - Sustainable Health Promotion SolutionNEWS

The "Sustainable Health Promotion Solution" uses AR/VR technology to combine exercise and rehabilitation equipment, with cloud back-end data analysis to help develop health promotion services & products with high quality and innovative applications, and create a new industry of intelligent services. We collaborate with the Kaohsiung City Government, Pingtung City Government, schools, and local businesses organized a number of health lectures and exhibitions to promote the transformation and upgrading of the local health industry structure, we win the 2021 Global ICT Excellence Award (WITSA)!!

5D-VR Bike/Flywheel

  • Highly interact between player and VR game.
  • You can feel lovely fragrance and wind that brushes against your face when riding the bike/flywheel on the VR game.
  • After Exercise, Siung-Sport system can give you the professionally personal body index and sport index when you want to stay in great body shape.

Cycling Beats

  • Institute for Information Industry (III) has created an innovative smart spinning bike product and a somatosensory rhythm training course service.
  • Integrate the sensing module on the spinning bike grip, and the seat cushion to collect the movement data of the user when riding, along with the music providing a somatosensory exercise course.
  • Simulate the teaching situation of the spinning bike classroom, allowing the user to change the sitting position, standing position, grip position through the App reminders along with the music rhythm and the coach action.
  • Refer to the figures, the grip and the seat cushion on the App will display a white glow (the upper right of the figure), when the user sits on the seat cushion and holds the hand when the position is indicated by the grip, there will be a solid red area (the lower right of the figure), which means that the riding posture is correct. After one session, the user is given a performance score for this exercise, offering a means to achieve athletic performance in the game-fied course.

VR360 Bike/Flywheel VR360 Hot-Spot

  • Take you to different famous view from countries.
  • You Can feel lovely fragrance and wind brushes against your face when riding the bike/flywheel on the VR game.
  • Integrating panoramic shooting and location shooting techniques with fitness equipments to create a new recreation life style.

VR Elliptical

  • Have you ever thought about traveling across The Solar System, exploring the fantastic universe, and playing the game of Star Wars?
  • The VR elliptical will take you to universe. Now, just install the Sing-Sport system on the elliptical machine and choose the VR game of The Solar System, that can let you realize your childhood dream and experience the unprecedented thrill of racing. What are you waiting for? Join our interstellar space journey!
  • The VR elliptical is not only climbing up the mountain, but also taking you to the deep sea, beautiful coral reefs and unknown dangers, that let you forget the boring sports in the awesome scenery!

VR boating & climbing

I believe you have watched the Jurassic Park movie, but have you ever think about boating and climbing in Jurassic world?

Let Siung-Sport team make your dream come true!

We use boating and climbing fitness machines, you just wear the VR glasses, will travel back to the time of the Jurassic world about 180 million to 145 million years ago, come on, join us ,enjoy the horror and excitement travel, LOL.


AR Smart Glasses

Put on the AR Smart Glasses, it could take you into the new innovation of somatosensory tech.

The AR Smart Glasses, not only can help you lightly immerse in the environment of game, shake off the yoke, but enjoy your life when exercising.

The small glasses give you a fantastic feeling.

Come on! May I have a date with you?

VR Active/Passive Rehabilitation Machine

Rehabilitation is very important for people after trauma. Sometimes, we need to improve the function of organs by rehabilitation for the best situation.

Yep, you recover that, but how about your spirit?

In fact, there are many faces to be considered for rehabilitation. In addition to your body, the spirit is the most important part of rehabilitation. Therefore, how to keep a happy mind and recover your function of organs during rehabilitation is the most important thing for our team.

Siung-Sport combines the Active/Passive Rehabilitation Machine with VR, the purpose is that can hope everyone who forgets the boredom, pain, takes away smile after rehabilitation.

Game Interaction- Upper Limbs Press Rehabilitation Machine

The hand training with Upper Limbs Press Training Machine and Siung-Sport system can activate muscles of upper limbs and increase muscle usage.

It also allows patients who have mobility problems to exercise muscles and improve the autonomy of life. In addition, that can increase the fun and motivation during the rehabilitation process.

Riding Posture Adjustment

What do you think about that, the good physical strength person can be riding fast?

The answer is not always Yes. The worse physical strength person will also win the good physical strength person. The reason may be the posture and skill of riding.

Posture and skill are the main factors affecting the performance of any exercise. If the posture of cycling is not correct, that will cause problems such as muscle tension, laborious riding, and so on. Therefore, if you want to have an easy and efficient ride, make the right decition, focus on Siung-Sport product, Riding Posture Adjustment!!

AR Smart Wrist Rehabilitation

The common injuries in the emergency are wrist injuries, which is between about 20% to 50% of all sports injuries.

If you not finished all course of rehabilitation or given up, muscles of hands not only will become stiff, blood unable to effectively provide to the injured area to eliminate swelling, but also will bring about many side effects (For example, soft tissue atrophy and stiffness, psychological concerns, and so on.), that even affect life seriously.

The AR Smart Wrist Rehabilitation bases on training data and combines with AR virtual reality interaction, which not only can help patients reduce their anxiety about rehabilitation, but also make wrist rehabilitation more interesting, efficient to relieve pain.

AR Robotic Arm

The robotic arm is a new trend in industrial applications. That combines AR with gestures and displays by 3D animations, which you can easily control. Awesome! Iron-man is you.

  • Guided tour: The name and description of the parts of the robotic arm will be displayed on the AR glasses.
  • Remote check: Use AR glasses to remotely view the operating status of the robotic arm.
  • Remote control: Use AR glasses to operate machinery to perform mission actions.

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